A is for Animal: The way of not doing the A to Z challenge

So, it’s time, once again, for the annual A2Z blogging challenge. That’s a thing where, every April 1st a bunch of dedicated bloggers (a concept I really can not grasp) get together to exert peer pressure upon each other with the aim of getting each other to sign a legally binding agreement to write (and post–that’s the tricky part; so many of mine are not worth posting) a blog each day. Each day, your blog must be “about” a word that starts with that day’s corresponding letter… such as, April 22nd, I believe the corresponding letter is ‘Get Bent’… it’s all explained far more thoroughly and succinctly, by my friend, Maj, Here. Although, you are warned, that post would appropriately be labelled “Not Safe For”… well, anyone.

I have not signed up for the A2Z challenge, because I know, straight up, I will not do it. Today, being the first day, the letter du jour is ‘A’. I suspect I will get bored with it around… say… tomorrow. Then I will have to go play with something shiny. I am sometimes envious of those people who can plod along and complete a task, because that’s how one gets proficient, and, you know, paid. But then I wouldn’t be the ridiculous failure I’ve come to know and loathe, would I? So, no, I have not signed on for the A2Z challenge.

But… because I remembered the challenge starts today, my brain latched on to an A-word (that can be spoken aloud in mixed company) and that word is “Animal”. So here is my blog about the word “Animal”:

People are animals, and specifically, mammals. Regardless of your religious leanings, you do not have to travel, well, anywhere to see humans acting like animals. Do you have a home? You are territorial, just like almost every animal on Earth. Do you have urges to “reproduce” (the quotes are so you know I mean any act that would otherwise be associated with reproduction, smart-ass)? Welcome to the Animal Kingdom. Need I go on? Tough. People are animals, and the sooner we come to grips with that, in order to better deal with our animal behaviors, the sooner we’ll stop acting like a bunch of animals… with the capability to destroy our planet in oh so many ways.



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