The awesomeness of Zeppelins

A couple of entries back, I wrote a blog post about buoyancy. One of the key components of buoyancy is the concept of “relative density”, or just “density”. This being the fourth of April, this might be the perfect opportunity to offer up “density” as a ‘D’ word, just as a nod to the A to Z Blogging Challenge.


Instead, I’m going to write about airships!

My words will soar to lofty heights aboard a majestic Zeppelin

The Hindenburg.

The word “Zeppelin” is used to denote any rigid framed airship due to the prominence of the magnificent airships produced by the company started by Count von Zeppelin in Germany. So “zeppelin” is used much as “frigidaire”, or “fridge” is used to indicate a refrigerator, whether or not it was built by the Frigidaire company.

Dirigible Butt

Before Zeppelins ruled the air, airships were commonly called “Dirigibles”…


… well, shit!



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