The way of Relativity

I’ve been hanging on to the positive rope as long as I can…

But today my hand slipped, and right this very minute, the only word I can focus on is “Fucktard”.

I understand there are people who are displeased with that word on several levels, but honestly, there are times when it’s the only word that will do.

Fucktard is a very democratic word, inasmuch as, at one point or another, everybody gets to be one. You might not understand that concept, especially if it’s your turn today.

What good are you?

It all comes down to the “law of relative value”. Let’s say it’s the height of the zombie apocalypse, and you and your CPA are trapped in a blind alley in some city. Your fucktard of an accountant is quivering in a corner, waiting to get munched, but fortunately, you are a bloodthirsty savage at heart, and with machete and crossbow, you make quick work of those cantankerous corpses.

Wakey, Wakey, Bitch!

There has never been, nor will there ever be a zombie apocalypse. That whole concept is a plot device for writers of fiction.

You drift back to reality to find you’re sitting in your accountant’s office, being anesthetized by your accountant rambling on and on about W-this, and 1040-that, and mortgage rebate deductions, and… now who’s the fucktard?

“Relative Value”, homes… it’s a bitch!



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Creative thinker & lover of laughter.
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