The way of μ

What the bloody hell?

Yeah, I know, I know. Normally, when I use that, “The way of…” thing, the subject of that pseudo-sentence has always been capitalized. The thing is, though, the upper case of this particular Greek letter is ‘M’…


… have I mentioned I am not doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge this year..?

So, technically, I am not writing about an ‘M’ word; I am writing about the letter ‘μ’ (pronounced: “mew”, like the sound a kitten makes… only you don’t have to use that high-pitched, squeaky voice every time you say it, thank God, ’cause that would get really annoying after a while…)

Mighty Tity

… now that I think about it, somebody repeatedly saying the letter ‘μ’ would get annoying pretty quickly with or without squeaky voice…

So, how are things with μ?

Having never learned Greek, nor been a frat-boy, thank God my frame of reference for the letter ‘μ’ has mostly to do with science and, particularly, electronics. In that context, μ is used as a prefix, and an abbreviation for the word, “micro”, as in 10-6, or one millionth… or really, really tiny.

Accordingly, a value of 10μA would be 10 micro-amps, or ten millionths of an amp (OK, ampere; back off, geek bitches!)… or 10 really, really tiny amounts of electricity (don’t even get me started on ‘ρ’ – pico: [peeko], that’s really, really, really tiny).

And that’s what I’d like to address today: just how insanely humongus some things have gotten.

Bear with me for just a bit… this post will not be all about evil banks, but Senator Warren makes a really good point:

Remember the zombie apocalypse of 2012?

At this point, it’s almost like it never happened, right? Now, I don’t want to dig up any bad memories–might have used a better turn of phrase there–but remember finally rolling up to the Loews or Home Despot, after fighting your way over miles and miles of car-clogged, zombie infested roads, only to find you couldn’t get those supplies you needed to reinforce your home because a band of heavily armed thugs had taken possession of it? Same with Walmart, Sam’s Club, every place you’d normally go, day-to-day, to get the stuff you live on. Man, it would have been nice if there had been a decent hardware store just downtown. Sure, you might have had to pay a bit more to keep it in business, before the apocalypse, and yeah, it would naturally have been a bit smaller than one of the big box places, but you’d have had a better chance of getting there before the roving bands of goons, and it would have been easier to defend.

Perhaps one of the worst things, during those dark times when all the huge central power plants had failed, was running out of books. You’ll remember how quickly toilet paper and paper towels ran out. Then, if you had not been much of a reader, you know, before, you were screwed… It really would have been nice if there had been a local book store to raid, ’cause Amazon was sure not delivering!

For those of you not still living in your parents’ basement…

Can you still remember that first year you moved away from your parents’ home, and made a home of your own? Within your budget, of course, you could buy the foods you wanted, get any books you wanted to read; you finally had the freedom of an adult. But sometimes people run into hard times, then they have to move back in with relatives so they can afford to get by. But times have to be really hard to go that far, because people don’t just give up their independence voluntarily – do they?

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

Are you pissed that your bank keeps hitting you up with ridiculous fees? They don’t give a shit. Frankly, your money is almost a nuisance to them; they have huge corporate transactions they’d rather be dedicating their resources to, besides, with all the local banks gone, where else are going?

Those big box stores sure have some sweet deals, and Amazon? Please, bitch! A dollar for a used book? Give me some of that!
Only… in a huge perversion of the capitalist economic doctrine, the merchandise available at any of those places is not even driven by “supply and demand”. No, my friend, it is purely profit driven. You will be allowed to buy only those items that those huge corporations can get the best deals on… for them.

Some think a real zombie apocalypse could be started by people ingesting genetically manipulated, chemically enhanced foods. Yeah, and..? You buy what the super stores put on their shelves, right?

Here’s the point

When I see the amount of centralization carried out by nearly-mindlessly greedy corporations looking to monopolize whatever market they’ve gotten their talons into, be it books, power, food, money, or tube socks, I see a serious threat to national security… in whichever nation you happen to reside. Mega-corps are global. They don’t give a damn about the U.S., China, Finland, Portugal… any nation state at all. They certainly do not give a single anemic turd for you or your community. Mega-corp is mother, Mega-corp is father, rich uncle, senile trillionaire grandparent, the one with the money, who tells you what to wear, what to watch, what to read, what to eat.

What a cool sci-fi story idea

Only, there’s nothing fictitious about it.


So what does any of this crazy-talk have to do with that silly looking letter that sounds like a kitten, but means micro? You know how, when “going green” got big, you wouldn’t buy anything that didn’t begin with ‘e’, ’cause you knew that made it environmentally friendly. Then the iPhone made it big, and suddenly iSocks were $1.69 for a dozen at Walmart!

I would sincerely like to begin the ‘μ’ initiative. It needs to start somewhere. We need a resurgence of local products and services of all kinds. And if producers of those local goods and services will proudly display the ‘μ’ symbol, people will know they are not only supporting the economy of their own community–as opposed to the economy of some stock holders in God only knows where–they will also be supporting their own rights to buy what they want, based on a true supply and demand economy. Let’s see some μFarms, μBook Stores, μHardware Stores, μClothing Manufacturers–tailors and seamstresses should never be unemployed.

And, oh yeah, if you form purchasing co-ops, you can buy in sufficient bulk to get that competitive edge, which will provide enough profit margin to support non-bulk purchases and special orders.

Think small; move out of your parents’ basement.



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  1. Laurie Livingstone- Irwin says:

    I think this is my favorite article of the year!


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