Quite simply Pathetic

Today, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, because I am an adult, and I choose to be part of a global community of adults (that’s a mind-set, not an age) who share dreams, thoughts, and ideas in a mature manner, which is to say, with intellect and words. Today’s letter is ‘P’.

You know who you are.
If we are all very, very lucky, you are one of the very few people who died in your pathetic attack.

Yes, I said pathetic.

You are a pathetic child, throwing a pathetic tantrum. Do not try to glorify yourself, your actions, or your group, should it turn out you have play mates, other children who follow you like sheep.

Perhaps you feel you have been wronged by “The Great Satan”, the U.S.
You attacked an international event, injuring people from all over the world.
You pathetic child.

Perhaps you are jealous of the richness of our lives.
You attacked people from all walks of life.
You pathetic child.

Perhaps you feel you deserve revenge for some real or perceived wrong.
You attacked a city; they can’t all have wronged you.
You pathetic child.

Has someone or some group insulted your god, God, or gods?
You attacked a random group of people of any or all possible faiths.

And you didn’t even do it well,
you stupid, ignorant, pathetic child.


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Creative thinker & lover of laughter.
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