The way of Getting Beneath

Can someone please explain to me how hanging around while something is suspended over your head will help you comprehend it better?

OK. Perhaps the object is not suspended, like a piano from a rope; perhaps it is a structure, like an overpass, that you walk part way through, then stop. I suppose your conception of how and why it was built may be enhanced by the experience, particularly when vehicles crossing overhead fail to hit you.

Still, might there not be better ways of attaining clarity concerning things or ideas than to try to get beneath them?

I can see how undersea is meant to indicate one has become submerged, and I readily comprehend that to underestimate means one’s judgement has fallen short, indeed, when one underachieves, the meaning is self-evident, but I am completely mystified by the concept that understanding a thing will get you anything but crushed.

Let me think a moment…

Ah! I get it; if one recruits others to understand with you, you are all in a position of mutual support.




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