The way of Lurkers

“You like me! You really – “

get the hell off

Today’s entry is all about you, my readers.

You are the sail beneath my wings, the water under my bridge, the wind behind my ass…

I mean, if I’m going to spill every psychotic episode I have all over this page, it’s gratifying to know that at least some people will know to get the hell out of my way should they spy me on the street.

Which is my special way of saying, I am humbled and amused that I’ve gotten more than one “like” by people who are neither inside my head, nor family. My family, BTW, refuses to read this blog, owing to the fact that none of them graduated sixth grade… something having to do with learning a poem that made them mad.

The rest of you, though, what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve written, something like, 28 entries about some really strange and wonderfulmostly stupid stuff, “viewed” by over 360 people, and I’ve had, what, a total of 27 comments… and half of those are me replying to the 12 or so actual comments people leftI can buy watch real chep[sic].

I know you all have your own little psychotic rants to attend to – I get that.

Some of you write about dealing with the “autism spectrum”, others are acerbic would-be comedians. It’s fascinating, the range of humanity you guys inhabit. And you’ve each taken a moment to light here, and ignore my pleas for attention. I truly hope most of you found it worth your time; I hope I’ve either brightened your day, made you very, very sad, or bored you to sleep – whichever you’re looking for…

… and I’m still not doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge; I just thought you deserved some cred for putting up with me.




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7 Responses to The way of Lurkers

  1. I’d like to know what kind of writer you think I am.

    And you’re welcome for putting up with you. Congrats on not doing the A to Z Challenge.


  2. Amy Hawkes says:

    *delurks* *hangs head in shaaaaame*


  3. The Robert says:



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