The saving grace of Re-Treads

“Crap! Is that part of a molar?” – Me

Sadly, yes. And now I’m in a very unfunny mood. I’m going to have to finish today’s post when I haven’t taken 6 aspirin… I will finish it; it ends with a cat haiku.

Until then, here is one from my previous life at the Seriously? blog:

The elusive nature of Good

I’ll admit it; I am not always a good person. Trying or wanting to be doesn’t enter into it. One is either a good person or not. Mind you, I am not saying I am a bad person; that would take at least as much effort as being a good person, and given the choice, I’ll put my effort into the way of good. Rather, I’d say we all spend most of our time just being people, neither good nor bad. Being anything other than a fencepost sitter requires one to actually make a conscious choice and to take action based on that choice, no?

Doesn’t getting your scraggly ass out of bed and going to work make you a good person? No. That effort makes you someone who hates to go hungry and live outdoors. A “good person” is someone who has a well defined sense of right and wrong, and when confronted with a choice, a good person will choose to do what he or she considers to be the “right” thing. Wow… subjective much? Well, yeah.

Right, wrong, good, bad are all subject to cultural, situational, and personal complications. One of the great philosophical debates involves a mother who steals bread for her starving children. Personally, I find that situation to be obvious and contrived, but what about the shop owner, eh? What action would make him a good person? Should he allow her to steal the bread and not report her? If he lives in a society with strict laws against theft, as many do, he breaks the law by letting her go, and possibly encourages her to steal other things from other shops. That’s not good. If he gives her the bread, perhaps, as the saying goes, he feeds her family for a day. Now there is an expectation of food from this very nice, good, man. Should other people expect to get food for free from him? Why should that one woman get free bread and not all the poor families? The baking shop owner, for the sake of being good, is now giving away all his food and can’t pay for new supplies. Now everybody will go without bread, unless the flour vendor wants be a “good guy”, like the baker. The people who were willing to pay do not think the baker is a good person, as they sip their latte sans bear claw. Alright then, obviously the right thing to do is to teach the poor woman how to make her own bread, just like that old saying. Don’t be an ass! Where’s she gonna get all the stuff to make bread? I suppose she could steal it…



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2 Responses to The saving grace of Re-Treads

  1. I’m a good person. And where’s the cat haiku?


    • wned2012 says:

      The post meant for today will have to be finished when this tooth is less of a distraction… hopefully about 8 hours ago… or maybe tomorrow…


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