Folk wisdom and buffalo shit

That’s not just a filling in your cranial cavity.

The joke is told, among wizened old-timers, about the time a city slicker skidded off the country road in a blizzard, and a rancher, who was out on his horse making sure his cattle were safe in the storm, happened by. Well, the old rancher got his team of horses and pulled the city slicker’s car out of the ditch.

Of course, the rancher refused any compensation for doing the neighborly thing.

As he was getting into his fancified car, the city slicker paused, noticing the rancher’s buffalo hide coat.

“That’s a fine coat you’ve got there, but you’d be warmer if you wore it with the fur on the inside,” said the man.

The old rancher gave the city boy a tolerant nod and said, “Why don’t you go explain that to the buffalo.”

At which point, the room full of wizened old timers bust out laughing…

“Hahahahaaa… why don’t you explain that to the buffalo! Hahahaha. Oooooh, he really showed that city boy, dinnee?”

But the fat lady ain’t sung yet.

What happened next was, instead of getting into his car, the physics professor from NYU gave the farmer a quizzical look and said, “Well, I can’t explain it to the buffalo because they are big, dumb animals who have no choice as to how they wear their hides. Since you were able to use these tools at hand to get my car back on the road, I figured you are not so dumb, and might appreciate the fact that by wearing the fur on the inside, you are creating a pocket of insulation, while keeping the insulating material dry. And since you do have a choice as to how you wear that hide, you might want to use it intelligently. Looks like driving in the storm wasn’t the only mistake I made today.”

“LAAAAAAAAA…” – the fat lady

Learn how the tool works, only then can you use it to full advantage.



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6 Responses to Folk wisdom and buffalo shit

  1. The Robert says:

    And then the rancher shot the ungrateful smartass….


    • wned2012 says:

      Ya know, the Robert, that kept bothering me as I was writing this, “How do I keep from making the city guy look like an ingrate?”
      In the end, it occurred to me – fuck it, I’m done with this one.


  2. And then an Asian chick showed up and kicked them both in the nuts.


  3. And also stole the buffalo coat and went home.


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