The way of Racism

As I see it, racism proves two things:

The first is, it demonstrates, indisputably, how homogenous the human species is: every race of humans contains a number of racists.

The second is, it illuminates just how miniscule a distance we have evolved past any other animal species, with broods, litters, packs, herds, clans, gangs, religions… and races.

The very saddest part is, it’s built into our genetic coding. That means effort is involved to override those impulses; which is why you find racists among the undereducated, mentally exhausted, and just plain stupid, as well as the very rich, who may feel they have no need to make the effort.

That is why even so-called enlightened people must remain constantly on guard against that demon.



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Creative thinker & lover of laughter.
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