The way of Life, Solitaire…

YoLoBloMo #4: The way of Life, Solitaire, and Knowing When to Quit

“You have to play the cards you are dealt and if it has made it harder, it doesn’t matter, you still have to get the deal done.” – Mitchell Reiss

I’ve become sick to death of people who proclaim that everyone is in the situations they are in solely because of the decisions they’ve made.

It’s true, but only partly.

I often play solitaire on my tablet PC to wind down before I go to sleep. Sometimes it has the wrong effect – I like to win.

But the thing is, sometimes the deck is indeed stacked against you, and it doesn’t matter what decisions you’ve made, or how cleverly you’ve rearrange the cards you have.
You. Can’t. Win.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.” – W. C. Fields
Comedian W.C. Fields

I often joke around, calling myself a loser, etc., but the fact is, I’m a survivor. I don’t like to lose, and I don’t like to quit – until I see there is simply no option remaining.

I’ve come to understand that happens more often than not, in solitaire, and I recognize and bail out of those games with surprising ease. But that’s just a game, and I can start a new one immediately.

So life really is like solitaire: you have a deck, each day you draw your cards, and you play them as best you can until the deck runs out and you die.
“Game over, man.”

Except that one thing… when you realize the deck is stacked against you, and you are simply not going to win this one, you can’t just quit and start over.
And then you get to listen to asshats telling you it was all your own fault.

(There are some really fucking good reasons I did not explore quitting in any more detail)



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