The way of Just Another, What?

YoLoBloMo #11

“Darlin’ it’s so sweet you think you know how crazy, how crazy I am.” – Fiona Apple, When The Pawn…


I once heard, insane people have trouble keeping track of time.

So, today is not Thursday, huh? That sucks because I totally had a Thursday blog entry all set to post, but then went to put an appointment in my calendar, and the stupid thing was pointing to the wrong day. Wednesday was highlighted.

Before I started my new career as a clerk, sifting through piles of freelance writing job leads for myself, I worked in electronics for quite a while, so I have absolute faith in all of my various electronic devices…

Grumpy-Cat_Hell No

You see, I have this saying, “I love technology, while it’s working.”

Every single thing produced by humans breaks down… no, I’m not going to give another lecture on Entropy.
Even the other humans we make break down No extended warranty? So why, for the love of goat’s milk, would I trust anything artificial we create? No. I have fixed all of the things:

I’ve worked on my own cars… many times. {eye squinty, grumbly face}
Worked in electronics for over… a long time
Worked in an Air Force ER and stitched people up

I know how, why, and when any device is going to break down. Can I see into the future? Not really. Allow me to explain:

Question: How will it break down?
Answer: In the worst possible way for the current situation.

Question: Why will it break down?
Answer: Because breaking down that way, at that exact moment, would cause you maximum stress.

Question: When will it break down?
Answer: The instant you absolutely can’t do without it.

Cars, of course are the worst offenders, followed very closely by hard disk drives.

Mechanical systems in general are the worst offenders, and face it, sometimes you deserve it. Since they are the worst, let’s take a look at cars, shall we – yes, we will.

Aside from the miniscule electronic control systems–just for the engine–everything else is steal on steal, with a little oil in between, and somewhere around 16000 explosions going off each minute, which causes this entire whirring, grumbling, exploding box of death to heat up to over 220 degrees Fahrenheit. People in Europe are lucky because they use the Celsius temperature scale, so their engines only run about 104 degrees.

Burnt Front End

The point being, look at all the things you do to stay healthy… and you’re not a whirring, grumbling, exploding box of death unless you’re lactose intolerant. How much time and effort do you put into your car’s health? The irony–and I do so love a good irony–the guys who tend to take the best care of their cars are the ones who take the worst care of their bodies. Come on, guys – it’s not an either or situation here, you can actually spend a bit of time on both, and still have time left over… because you’re not having triple by-pass surgery, or hanging out with your local auto mechanic.

Electronics, though… electronics is tricksy little minions. Walking across a damned carpet in your socks, then touching your PC the wrong waystranger danger! can cause it to have a catastrophic failure! So as far as I’m concerned, even though all my electronic devices say it’s Wednesday, I say it’s Thursday, ’cause it feels like Thursday, and we could have had some intense sun spot activity or something that wrecked all the electronics.



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8 Responses to The way of Just Another, What?

  1. Jody says:

    Is it just me, or does that red car look like a rotten apple?


  2. We do not have trouble keeping track of ti… wait… oh crap… I have to pick my kid up from school… an hour ago… sigh…


  3. cirwintech says:

    If it were not for my job, I would have no idea wht day it was.


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