The way of Duh

YoLoBloMo #15

“I’m a little bit perverse, and I just hate doing the thing that’s the most obvious.” – Daniel Day-Lewis

It is now December 15, 2013 – so, around half way through the first month of Winter. The actual date of the first day of Winter varies depending upon which group one happens to ask, and it can be as early as December 14th, or as late as December 21st.

That is, of course, for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. People living in the Southern Hemisphere are just beginning Summer, and I hate you all, but I mean that in the most kind and nurturing way jerks.

The thing is, It’s bloody Winter, yet, every time we have Winter weather, e.g. snow, people who have lived here their whole lives behave as if it’s some miracle they’ve never experienced before. I can assure you, my back remembers what goddamned snow is, having chucked quite enough of it over the years.

The point being, we’ve just recently had our first significant snow of this year and everyone will now run outside–the smart ones staying inside, making use of that modern marvel, the window–taking pictures of the “First snowfall of 2013” as if it was the first snowfall ever! Then they will feel the need to share those works of spontaneous “art“.

But, you know what? A blanket of frozen water from one year looks very much like a blanket of frozen water from any other year.

Here’s some snow from 2003.


“Isn’t it beautiful?”

get the hell off


Oh look, it’s snow… from 2003, or 2004, or 2005, or…

“Hawaii can be heaven and it can be hell.” – Jeff Goldblum

Grumpy-Cat UR Point

They’re both warm and have no snow.





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2 Responses to The way of Duh

  1. Jody says:

    My landlady got back last night from two weeks in Hawaii, just in time for the snow. I laughed.


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