The way of Prognostication

PoChriBlogYo #2 or #3, depending on how you want to count that last one… I suspect you wouldn’t give a year-old Christmas gift receipt if I stopped counting altogether. Damn, why peoples always be hatin’ on my mad organizational skilz, yo?

This will be the last of the Post Christmas Blogging Challenge blog posts. It will also be my New Week and New Year post before you kill off too many brain cells.

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.” – Pope John Paul II

In my post, “The way of the Impossible Moment,” I talk a lot about time, and how our brains are designed around recognizing past patterns in order to predict the immediate future. Of course, like everything else, that can be taken to an extreme totally knew you would say that.

“I figure lots of predictions is best. People will forget the ones I get wrong and marvel over the rest.” – Alan Cox

Earlier this year, I was writing for a web site named I enjoyed it, except for the part where I was supposed to be writing 500 word articles and usually came in around 900… or so. Anyway, because I wrote mostly about technology issues, the owner asked me to write an article about how things would be 100 years from now. That article never did get published nothing from you should be, and Thank God it didn’t what?!

As it turns out, my ability to analyze trends and predict some logical outcomes is actually fairly decent… but it’s all in the timing. You see, instead of 100 years from now, a whole butt-load of the stuff I talked about is already happening, or is going to happen in, like, 1 or 2 years. In order to come even close to predicting the trends of any particular field, you absolutely have to go out and interview specialists in that field. By the time you read about some technological leap in a magazine, odds are it’s already obsolete.

Fact is, “the future” is really every moment you are just about to experience. And if enough people want something badly enough that somebody can make a ton of money from it, it will exist eventually.

Or, as a friend of mine once demanded, “Where the hell is my flying car?”

Moller Skycars, by Jeff McNeill

Welcome to a New Week, and a New Year, Bitches!



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