The way of OCD #1


“I was beginning to think that Simon just had a bad case of OCD, ADD, and PMS. With a little BS and OMG mixed in.” ― Dannika Dark, Gravity

OK, I’ll admit I’m a tad obsessive at times stop obsessing over it!. I realize I said on Monday, that would be my New Year’s post as well as my welcome to the new week, but Come. On. Two days early? I think not. So I’m jumping in here, sort of at the last minute, to get a real New Year post in.

The title? Dude, I’m OCD – do you really think there will be just one entry like this? not now there won’t

“I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” – Henry Moore

So here we are – in the future! never really thought you had one

Courtesy of the awesome Chris Irwin

Yesterday was 2013, and today it’s 2014… Anything really change for you yet? socks and underwear
You know what? Even if it didn’t, the magic of today is really tomorrow. Nothing changed today? Big Fucking Deal (BFD). As long as you keep waking up stop tormenting me!, it can still happen. So chin up, my lovelies!

Oh, and for realz,



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2 Responses to The way of OCD #1

  1. Kathleen Cardona says:

    Awesome !


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