The way of Arrogant Assholes

Facebook has sent you a Friend Request

Grumpy-Cat_Hell No

Sorry, this is no joke. I’m not cancelling my account on Facebook, I simply will not be using it very much anymore.

Here’s some interesting reading:

Remember those articles about Facebook making users feel unhappy?
Well this time I’m thinking, “Outrage”.

“Facebook doesn’t understand the backlash against its emotional manipulation study.” – @ForbesTech on Twitter

Facebook ran a science experiment on nearly 700,000 of its users.

Anyone interested in keeping in touch can find me on Google+ as +W. Ned, or on Twitter as @w_nedley
Are those platforms any better than Facebook? Well, how many stories of outrageous intrusions and manipulations have you read about them, just this year? Also, they don’t try to decide for you which posts you should see.
It really is sad. Personally, I like the Facebook user interface more than the others, but what goes on behind that screen is beyond my tolerance level.

Welcome to a New Week of online abusery, Bitches!

#FuckYouFacebook #ImOnGooglePlus #ImOnTwitter


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