The way of Focus

Q: What do you get if you put an infinite number of bloggers with an infinite number of computers on the internet?

A: You get exactly 27 calculated to 42 decimal places blog posts worth reading, along with an infinite number of posts talking about why the bloggers have not been blogging.

Laughing Einstein
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

I used to rate the inanity of technobabble in sci-fi dialogue on a scale based upon the incoherent ramblings of characters in Star Trek: Voyager. Then I watched the movie, Lucy, and something inside my head snapped again?… and I don’t think it was a barrier to some unused part of my brain. that would be all of it

Mind you, Lucy was simply the last straw, there have been many movies and TV shows piling on over the years, and one new one that is riding right up on my very last nerve. I’m fairly certain the writers of the TV show, Scorpion, sit at a cafe in silicon valley, sipping coffee and listening for buzz words to pepper their scripts with.

Lewis Black

Lewis Black

It’s called Google! You can type in words and find out what they actually mean!

“The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.” – Herodotus

Over the span of its existence, I’ve done my share of whining about why I haven’t posted on this blog. any reason’s good enough for me! For the most part, though, I’ve simply been unable to come up with anything I could write about without putting myself to sleep… or, I started writing and actually put myself to sleep. Either way, no blog post.

Finally, it struck me,my turn! my turn! if I were to focus on one general topic, I’d have half of my what to write about problem solved. But what topic would be worth writing about, all the damned time? Then I watched Lucy, and realized, first, there are some ignorant-assed writers out there, and second, if people are getting their information from those ignorant-assed writers, there are some seriously ignorant people out there! But let’s face it, not everybody wants to be a physicist. everybody does not want to be a physicist

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.” – Albert Einstein

I’ve decided to impart my understanding of science and technology on a weekly basis and, to that end, have created BSB: the basic science blog. it’s basic science, bitches!
The blog posts there will be geared toward people who want to know something about science and technology but don’t really want to be scientists or technicians. Since my intention is not to teach college level courses, some of my explanations will be, admittedly, over-simplified. If you are an actual physicist or something, and you take exception to any or all of my ramblings, I would ask that you not whip out your dick and piss all over my blog. I’m sure your “brain” is really, really big Instead, please use my contact email and send me your thoughts and concerns, thanks.

Welcome to a New Week and a New Blog, bitches!



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