When people actually get to know me, as much as I will allow, at some point they will inevitably ask, “You’ve done a lot of stuff, haven’t you?”

Yes. Yes, I have. And that’s on purpose; I like learning new things and having new experiences. Then, sometimes, I like to write about what I’ve learned. Not by telling interesting adventure stories about, “that time I made a grizzly bear outta bubble gum, then killed it with my bare hands!” but rather by lecturing on and on as in some great university auditorium. Then again, sometimes I open the gate and let the crazy run loose for a bit.

I’ve been messing around with cameras for a very long time, and have been to film school, so every now and then I will post a photo blog to show off some of my innumerable pictures, and also hope to get some video blogs up here soon.

This really is me back in the 1800s, when I was a younger and wiser.


2 Responses to About

  1. A very different but nonetheless interesting introduction…


  2. Hello again,

    First of all, can I just thank you for your insight and frank advice in the comment you left regarding my request for feedback on my recent foray into poetry composition. Just to clarify, it wasn’t my intention to put an entire poem at the front of each chapter (heaven forbid), just a single verse. The idea behind it was that the verse would be deliberately vague in some cases, only becoming clearer with the reading of the accompanying chapter.

    I take your point about Chaucer and Milton; although i’m not familiar with Milton (apart from Paradise lost of course), I did read and enjoy Chaucer’s ‘The Knight’s Tale’, and vaguely remember thinking on it’s structural symmetry, and the way many of the verses mirrored one another (I’m writing entirely from memory so forgive me if my analysis borders on the vague here), so yes, I see your point about shape. I also took a look at the link you left, and yes, there are many different approaches when you want to say something heart-felt.

    As for my own efforts, I freely admit to having made them without recourse to reading anything about the theory and accepted structures of poetry, but not out of laziness, but to see and try to judge if there was any value in what I was writing minus the obvious improvements to be made with the benefit of a more structured and knowledgeable approach.

    I hope to post a few chapters of the project my verses will be referring to sometime in the near future, with a single verse proceeding the chapter in each case, and sincerely hope you’ll take the time to look at them again and pass on your frank advice/comments. Apart from that, many thanks again, much appreciated…


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